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Hi everyone! I'm a 25y old expat with full time job, currently living in Enschede, looking for a sleeping place in / around Amersfoort/Nijkerk area, starting from March, 2019. Who am I? I'm a neat nice man from Nepal. I graduated from University of Twente. I am currently searching for room/ studio/ apartment around Amersfoort/ Nijkerk area. I like doing sports, playing games/guitar, cooking and do repair jobs / building stuff. I also really love going into the woods. I can go with anyone, but also entertain myself. What I'm looking for? I'm looking for a place to reside (with registration) for about half a year, or a year (also, a few months would already help me out). I'd be okay with a 8m2 (quiet) room for just a bed. Maybe your bedroom is empty and unused now at your parents place? I could help the family at evenings and weekends. Of course, it would be nicer to live with students, so a room in a student house would be even better. Every day I will travel to Nijkerk for work, but depending on the housing situation I'd be happy to spend some weekends at the new home to enjoy beautiful nature and meet new people :) So, are you or do you know someone with a small room/ studio/1 bedroom apartment? Please let me know! Thank you very much, Suman

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