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Hi! I'm a 24 yr old female student about to start my MSc in Architecture at TU Delft and I'm looking for a room in Delft or Rotterdam from mid-August. WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR I'm looking for a room in a flat with some interesting, fun and laid back roommates and a good atmosphere. Preferably with a shared living room or a big kitchen and some natural daylight. I know how to keep to myself and respect Those who I live with, but I'm also really looking forward to meeting some new people, chatting over dinners at home, chilling on a lazy Sunday, going out to a random party down the street or going on a spontaneous trip. I'd like to move it in mid-November. My budget is 430 €. FROM WHERE I AM I'm from Poland but I spent the last 3 years studying and doing internships in Germany, The Netherlands and - until very recently - Denmark. I had a great experience living in Amsterdam and I'm really excited about coming back. WHO I AM I speak Polish, Angielski, German (got rusty, hope to brush up on it) and just started learning Spanish. I love architecture, art, books, cinema, music, food, dancing, traveling - all of the good things! I need to exercise every day, so I usually go for a run or to the gym, although I want to join salsa classes again. In the kitchen I'm Primarily roasting veggies, drinking smoothies and also, thanks to my roommate, compulsively preparing summer rolls. I'm always up for long discussions over a glass of wine. The last book I read was "The Tale of Love and Darkness" by Amos Oz and now I've moved to "Invitation to a Beheading" by Nabokov. My favorite one is "In Search of Lost Time." I like pretty much all the movies by Bergman, Herzog, Woody Allen and Hitchcock. Although I normally do not watch TV series, I enjoyed "Game of Thrones" and "House of Cards," a lot. My musical tastes range from jazz and classical music, through Arabic folk music is bossa nova and rock'n'roll. My last trip was to Israel and Jordan and the next one will be in Brasil (I have a crush on Brasilian modernism). CONTACT Let me know if you think I'd fit in with you and your flatmates. Look forward to hearing from you! kborczynska@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/ ksymena.borczynska

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